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We did the traditional thing.

He got a corporate job. I stayed home to raise the babies.

But then again we were never the traditional type. In fact, I'm known as a life long rule breaker. While slingin' snacks and wiping tears, I built an event planning and design business and fell in love with producing beautiful spaces.

7 years into marriage, building a portfolio of residential rental properties and flipping homes with family, 5 years of running my own business, 3 kids, and one pup Millie later, we decided life is too darn short to spend it any other way than what fires us up.

So he left the corporate world behind and we dreamed up Boxwood Designs over a bottle of Three Wishes Cab and a vision of working together side by side.

We work together from our home to help you finally love yours.

on a pipe dream and a $3.95 bottle of three wishes wine

boxwood was founded

We couldn't be more opposite if we tried.

I'm free as a bird. He craves routine. 

I'm at the center of the action. He's a wall flower.

I don't have a left side of my brain. He doesn't have a creative bone in his body.

They say opposites attract. We did. And now we put our strengths together to create a well rounded design team to tackle every last detail of our clients' homes.

we're jeremy & megan martin

a husband and wife design team

Jeremy graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Building and Construction. Megan has 7 years experience running a design firm.

Jeremy has worked in residential construction, mortgage sales, and commercial real estate brokerage. Megan's work has been nationally published in print and online from Southern Weddings to Style Me Pretty and The Celebration Society Magazine.

Together, we purchase and flip residential investment rental properties.

We understand every facet of what makes a home. 

we understand real estate

from construction to design

Three babies in and we get it: Life is gonna happen. Messes will be made.

We design with your family in mind. From full renovations to interior styling, every last detail we produce is intentionally created for you to love living in your space.

We specialize in a bright and clean aesthetic, but we aren't afraid of color that pops. We love mixing old treasures with new finds to create a truly unique space for you to call home.

Ready to work with us? You can learn more about what we do here!

and take a fresh approach on design

stunning style for everyday living

we were together. i forget the rest.

- walt whitman

This is a space to share your story. Why did you get into this business? What fires you up? This is a great chance to connect deeper with your ideal customer through your experience.

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